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Culp: Perseverence Amidst Destruction

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Spotlight on Schools: St. Mary in Paris

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The Bi-Weekly Publication of The Catholic Diocese of Lexington

Linda Harvey


LEXINGTON. Faith Lutheran Church in Lexington had a full audience when Bish- op John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv., presented Ecumenism from a Roman Catholic Per- spective" August 24. The presentation was part of the joint Catholic-Lutheran local events marking the Protestant Reforma- tion of 500 years ago. Referring to Pope Francis's visit to the cities of Lund and Malmo in southern Sweden on November 1, 2016, Bishop Stowe recognized the importance of this event when the pope met with Bishop Munib A. Younan, the head of the Evan-

Ecumenism from a Roman Catholic perspective

T.F. Shaughnessy


LEXINGTON. A representative of Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) met with a small group of parish and diocesan represen- tatives to explain the challenges faced by refugees, as part of the local "Share the Journey" cam- paign Oct. 7-13. About a dozen people gath- ered at Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Parish, Lexington, Oct. 10, to hear KRM co-sponsor de- veloper Dabney Parker, who has

Resettlement worker discusses challenges faced by refugees

KRM co-sponsor developer Dabney Parker. CR photo: T.F.Shaughnessy

worked in refugee resettlement for eight years. The meeting was organized by diocesan peace and justice coordinator Megan Lederman. Pope Francis launched the global migration campaign Sept. 27, calling the church around the world to show love to immigrants and refugees. The Lexington di- ocese participated in the October Week of Prayer and Action," promoted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Catholic Charities USA. At a time when our nation seems eager to forget that the ma- jority of us either came from an- other country or are descendants of those who did, it is critical that the church repeat the biblical ad- monition to welcome the strang- er," said Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv., in September. The October week was ac- tually something of a kick-off. The diocese will continue the prayer and action in the coming months. The next major event

Left to right: Pastor Mark Sloss of Faith Lutheran Church, Bship John, and CTK rector Paul Prabell at Faith Lutheran Aug. 24. CR photo: Linda Harvey

gelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land. Bishop Younan is the presi- dent of the Lutheran World Federation. According to world news reports, Pope Francis was the first pope to visit Sweden in 27 years. The Lutheran World Federation was founded in Lund in 1947, in an effort to unite churches after World War II. One of the main obstacles between Catholics and Luther- ans was bridged in 1999, when the Vatican and the federation signed a joint declaration on the doctrine of justification, a core belief about God's for- giveness of sins. Prior to the pope's pil- grimage to Sweden, he greet- ed a pilgrimage of Lutherans preparing for the 500th an- niversary of our separation," said Bishop Stowe. "Pope Francis gave thanks to God because Lutherans and Cath- olics are walking on the road from 'conflict to communion.' Along the way, the pope indi-

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