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St. Vincent Mission in Floyd County

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Linda Harvey


LEXINGTON. Many people would be frightened by the thought of dying, but Dr. Ed Todd and his family see it as a gift. Our marriage has been the beautiful part of the better and worse," said Marilyn Todd, his wife of 49 years as of this past December 26. "After Ed was diag- nosed with ALS on June 6, 2014, at Mayo Clinic, his response was not 'Why me?' Instead it was Why not me? We do not blame God, because sickness is a part of the human condition.'" Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Geh- rig's Disease, is a progressive neu- rodegenerative disease. Since his disease started in his

Dr. Ed Todd: A legacy of courage ...

Ed and Marilyn Todd with their five children and fourteen grandchildren at the family farm. CR photo: Linda Harvey

lungs, the disease has moved fast. He does not complain but has a sense of humor. One day he said, "'This disease is horrible,' and then he only chuckled. This helped me do the same and to love him all the more. By Ed's example, he has taught me to die with dignity, grace, faith, perse- verance and peace. I am not afraid to die someday as I was before," Marilyn said. Dr. Todd turned 74 on August 12. He had a distinguished career as a cardiac-thoracic surgeon, un- til he retired in 2000. Since then, he has been a farmer, worked as a volunteer with Habitat of Hu- manity, and started ABLE, Inc. (Assisting Better Living Every- where). Dr. Todd said that his values were ingrained by his parents, William and Georgine Todd and family. "My mother, was a homemaker who completed high school and my father quit school at age 12 during the Depression and caddied for some big golf names. My father was a very in-

Elise Harris

VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN NEWS). With a two-thirds majority vote, the more than 200 bishops gathered for the Vatican's syn- od on the family supported church teaching on hot-button issues such as homosexuality and communion for divorced and remar- ried persons. The Vatican's synod on the family was opened by Pope Francis Oct. 4, and closed Oct. 25. This year's event follows the theme The vocation and mission of the family in the church and the modern world," and follows 2014's extraordinary synod on the family, which focused on pastoral challeng- es involved in family life. This year's discussion tended to be reduced in Western secular media to two issues: com-

Final synod report strongly backs church teaching, beauty of family life

Pope Francis participates in prayer at the opening session of the Synod of Bishops on the family Oct. 5. Photo: Paul Haring/CNS

munion for divorced-and-civilly remarried, and church teaching and pastoral care re- garding homosexuality. However, actual topics brought up dur- ing meetings were much broader, with synod fa- thers touching on themes such as domestic violence, violence against women, incest and abuse within families, marriage prepa- ration, and pornography. A closing news confer- ence at the Vatican Oct. 24 reported a sense of col- legiality among the global bishops. Only two of the 94 paragraphs showed a disparity in the voting, both of them sur- rounding the topic of pastoral care for di- vorced and remarried persons. Despite the calls by some for the church to change its doctrine by allowing divorced and civilly remarried Catholics without an annulment to receive communion, the synod's final report upheld current church teaching and practice on the issue. It's therefore the responsibility of pastors to accompany the persons concerned on a path of discernment according to the teach- ing of the Church and the guidelines of the bishop," paragraph 85 read. While there was an overall support for the church's teaching and current pastoral prac- tice to remain in place, the document also stressed that divorced and remarried couples are baptized persons who must be "more integrated into the Christian community," while "avoiding every occasion of scandal."

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