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Culp: On Receiving Mercy

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Spotlight on Schools: St. Mark in Richmond

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The Bi-Weekly Publication of The Catholic Diocese of Lexington

T.F. Shaughnessy


LEXINGTON. In his homily at the annu- al diocesan Respect Life Mass Oct. 4, Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv., cast a broad net in using the term "respect life," including, but not limiting it to abortion, and folded the theme into the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Francis was "a man who was in love with life," the bishop said in his introductory remarks to the almost 160 people who par- ticipated in the Mass. In his homily, Bishop Stowe continued, Francis turned his back on "upward mobil-

Adherence to the Gospel of Life is "simple," bishop says

Deacon Ramn Alfaro of St. Paul parish, Lexington, prepares to proclaim the Gospel at the annual Respect Life Mass Oct. 4. CR photo: T.F. Shaughnessy

ity" and arrived at a "child-like state," which moved him to serve the least in his presence and "to see God in everything and everybody." The saint saw, in all of na- ture, "his brothers and sisters," the bishop said. "God is on the side of the little ones," Bishop Stowe said, and God reveals the Kingdom "to the child-like and the lowly." He said that adherence to the Gospel of Life is "simple": our culture argues over abor- tion, whose lives matter, wasting tons of food each day, capital punishment, eutha- nasia, and in vitro fertilization. "In our everyday, life is commodified," Bishop Stowe said. Of the recent shootings in Las Vegas, he said, "Weapons of mass destruction should not be bought or sold." But, he said, even as people mourn the scale of events, violence against life goes on "on a smaller scale" everyday. "We gather to celebrate the God of Life," the bishop concluded, because the story of the faith is different from the story of the world. n

T.F. Shaughnessy


LEXINGTON. The diocese cele- brated its annual Wedding An- niversary Mass Oct. 7 in the Cathedral of Christ the King, Lexington with 75 couples from 22 parishes across the diocese, honoring over 3,400 years of sac- ramental marriage.

75 couples celebrate over 3,400 combined years of marriage at annual fete

Celebrating couples renew their wedding vows at the Wedding Anniversary Mass Oct. 7. CR photo:T.F. Shaughnessy

The Mass celebrates the bond of matrimony for couples mark- ing significant anniversaries, for example, 10, 25, and 50 years and above. The celebration is sponsored by the diocese's Of- fice of Marriage and Family Life, directed by Mike Allen, also a regular Cross Roads contributor. Approximately 900 people par- ticipated in the celebration. Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv., began his homily with a joke about a long-married couple at a medical appointment. The attending nurse was impressed with the terms of endearment with which the husband pep- pered his speech to his wife. The

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