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Culp: Close To Home Part IV

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Lexington Pilgrims Go To Philly To See The Pope

The Bi-Weekly Publication of The Catholic Diocese of Lexington

Turn to OIF&M , Page 5 LEXINGTON. The Catholic Church in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington grew out of a living faith that began in the late 1700s at the Bluegrass West-designated pil- grimage site in White Sulphur. The life of these early pilgrims revolved around their strong Catholic faith, which was without question the center and heart of family and community life. The seeds of their faith took root and spread as more immigrants settled in the regions of the Bluegrass and Eastern Ken- tucky. This growth became a defining period as the people worked and prayed together, sharing a common vision of hope." In 2009, it was announced that our diocese would be embracing a major campaign to contribut- ing to the growing spiritual, ministerial, and educational needs of our faithful. With these words, the first ever combined capital cam- paign was introduced: One in Faith & Mis- sion (OIF&M). The OIF&M was lead through the Priest Advisory Council (PAC): Fathers Law- rence Hehman, Robert Nieberding, Rob- ert Damron, Mark Dreves, Terence Hop- penjans, Joseph Muench, Daniel Noll, Paul Prabell, Steve Roberts, Michael Chowning, O.F.M., John Curtis, Michael Ramler, Wil- fred Fraenzle, John Moriarty, Charles Howell and Albert DeGiacomo and Bishop Ronald W. Gainer. The PAC lead and directed the campaign by reviewing the results of the feasibility-planning study report, advising the alignment of parishes into two blocks for the campaign solicitation, and recommending the specifics of parish goals and special con- sideration. Seven (7) parishes included their participation with OIF&M as a "piggyback" add-on initiative to their parish specific cam- paign goal; these parishes pledged a specific amount to the OIF&M campaign goals. The remaining fifty-six (56) parishes were assigned to participate in one of the two solicitation blocks with goals set relative to a computed average of their annual offertory. Each parish

One in Faith & Mission combined capital campaign celebrated

Ann Schneible

VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN NEWS). Pope Francis opened the Synod on the Family with a reminder that it's not a forum whereby leaders come to an agreement, but a journey of openness to the Holy Spirit and apostolic courage" against worldly temptations that can lead people away from the truth. The synod is not a conference or a parlor, nor is it a parliament or a senate where we come to an agree- ment," he said. Rather, it is the church journeying together "to in- terpret reality with the eyes of faith and the heart of God." Addressing the synod fathers on the first day of interventions of the three-week gathering, the pope said participants must "assume apostolic courage of evangelical humility and developed its specific need-based case state- ment, establishing the local parish intentions for donor participation. Uniquely designed to share proceeds with each parish and a unifying diocesan case state- ment the split established 60 percent to the parishes and 40 percent to the diocese. The di- ocese accepted the obligation to cover the 2010 Annual Appeal and all administrative costs of the campaign. A unifying combined case state- ment was adopted with four specific beneficia- ry allocations: Priest Retirement, Seminarian Education, Catholic School Scholarship, and Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center.

Pope Francis greets the masses crowded along the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia on Sun- day, Sept. 27 for the Closing Mass of his U.S. visit. Seated in back is Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFM, Cap., of Philadelphia. More Cross Roads coverage inside. CR photo: Skip Olson

of confident prayer," in order to give the Holy Spirit space to carry out his actions. Such "apostolic courage," he said, "is not intimidated by the se- ductions of the world which tend to put out the light of truth from the hearts of men," thereby leading them away from God. Pope Francis went on to say that unless the bishops open themselves to guidance by the Holy Spirit, their decisions will become mere decorations" which serve to "cover and hide" the Gospel, rather than glorify it. This year's Synod on the Family, which runs from Oct. 4-25, is the second and larger of two such gath- erings to take place in the course of a year. Like its 2014 precursor, the focus of the 2015 Synod of Bishops will be the family, this time with the theme: "The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and the modern world." Pope Francis' Oct. 5 address to participants gathered in the Vatican's Paul VI Synod hall continued to describe the role of the synod as the church inter- rogating her own fidelity to the deposit of faith. In this way, he said, the church demonstrates that she is not sim- ply a "museum" to be looked at, but "a living source from which the Church drinks," while "satis- fying the thirst" and "illuminating the deposit of life." The Holy Spirit speaks through the many languages rep- resented by the Syn- od Fathers open to being "guided by the God who always sur- prises," the pope said. He also appealed for the participants to have an evangeli- cal humility where- by they empty themselves of their own conventions and prejudices," listen to one anoth- er, without judg- ments, finger pointing, or a sense of superiority. The pope concluded by reiterat- ing that the function of the synod is not to arrive at a consensus, nor is it a place of negotiations, agree- ments, or compromises. n

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