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Culp: True Freedom

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Meet the new Catholic Action Center

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Margaret Gabriel


When she learned in May of her mother's grave illness, the news was most ill-timed for Jeanne Saldanha Singh. Since the previous October, she had worked with a team of Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary pa- rishioners for a five-month commemoration of the centen- nial celebration of Our Lady of Fatima, who appeared to three shepherd children, Lucia Santos, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, in Portugal in 1917. After she received the news about her mother, Singh prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, asking to see her mother again

MQHR celebrates centennial of Fatima

The Our Lady of Fatima statue is processed in at the opening of Mass, May 14. A smaller statue travels to homes in the parish and stays with a family for one week. Photo provided

and for help discerning when she should make the trip home to Bur- ma. When she received word that her mother had died (ten minutes after her boss asked her if something was trou- bling her), she made the trip to the country of her birth, Singh said she began to realize that the events of the previous days were part of God's plan for her. Singh's devotion to Mary began when a pil- grimage to Fatima, Avila, Loyola and Lourdes resulted in "a deep- er understanding of the message [of Our Lady of Fatima] and a call to live and spread the mes- sage," she said. Among the teachings of Our Lady of Fatima is a request to pray the Rosary for world peace every day. The team of Mary Queen parishioners has planned ways to encourage prayer, dis- seminate the messages of Mary and inform people about the plenary indulgences that have been granted by Pope Francis for participation in devotions on the apparition anniversary dates. The call to spread the message of Our Lady of Fatima prompt- ed Singh to create the team of parishioners that has planned the observation of the 100-year anniversary of the apparitions in Portugal. "Our Lady of Fatima is actually Our Lady of the Rosary,

Linda Harvey


BEREA. The Catholic Charismatic Renew- al is alive with the fire of the Holy Spirit! This was evidenced by the Convocation of the Catholic Charismatic Leadership at St. Clare in Berea on June 22, with about 30 people in attendance, representing sev- eral parishes in the diocese. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, in Rome celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on June 4, 2017, on Pentecost, where report-

Leaders of Charismatic Renewal discuss future collaboration

Father Charles Howell, diocesan moderator for Catholic Charismatic Renewal and Tom Zurowski who ministers to Christians who are being persecuted in South Sudan. CR photo: Linda Harvey

edly 30,000 followers attended, including 600 priests and 50 bishops," said Father Charles Howell, the diocesan moderator for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Miraculously in the U.S. at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh in 1967 and lat- er at the University of Notre Dame and University of Michigan, the manifesta- tions of the Holy Spirit exploded with su- pernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit on the Catholic Church." During this anniversary year, there is a continuous call to conversion and the making of, and being, faithful dis- ciples of Jesus Christ," said Father How- ell. "This will be an opportunity to be- gin bringing leaders within our diocesan English-speaking and Spanish-speaking Catholic Charismatic communities to- gether for prayer, communication, and envisioning how the Catholic Charismat- ics of our diocese might collaborate better to impact the advancement of God's reign through the power of the Holy Spirit." The charisms include words of wis- dom, words of knowledge, healings, prophecy, mighty deeds, discernment of

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