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Culp: More Lessons on the Path to Holiness

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Spotlight on Schools: Our Lady of the Mountains

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The Bi-Weekly Publication of The Catholic Diocese of Lexington

The actress who portrayed Mary was brought to tears at the foot of the cross during the live Way of the Cross presented by the Hispanic community at St. Paul in Lexington Apr. 14. See pages 6 & 7 inside for more. CR photo: Cindy Olson


The diocese has placed the Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center (FBAMC) ware- house in Louisa for sale or lease. The listing price is $999,900. The building was placed on the market in early April. The facility warehoused do- nated goods for distribution among the needy served by the mission center. According to Debbie Swish-

Beiting mission center to reorganize, facility to be sold, ministries to continue

er, financial officer for the Lex- ington diocese, operation of the warehouse had become finan- cially untenable, since it was completed in 2009. She stressed, however, that the late Father Ralph Beiting's ministry would continue "in a different physical location and capacity." The plan is to continue the volunteer training, hous- ing, and presence in Lawrence County. It is also expected that the Vacation Bible School and other youth programs/camps the ministry conducts now will continue," Swisher said.

In addition, FBAMC's out- reach includes in-home ser- vices, home repair, and disas- ter relief.

The Father Beiting Appa- lachian Mission Center is an apostolate of the diocese. The Second Bishop of Lex- ington, Ronald Gainer, es- tablished the Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center (FBAMC) in 2006 as a way to both recognize and sustain the rich legacy of evangeliza- tion and service of Monsignor Ralph Beiting (1914-2012), who ministered to the people


Pope Fran- cis sent a video message to the people of Egypt ahead of his two-day apostolic journey to the country, beginning April 28, saying the "world needs peace, love and mercy." Pope Francis began his video message to the people of Egypt with the tradi- tional greeting in Arabic: As-salamu alaykum! (Peace be with you!)" He said he is "coming as a friend, as a messenger of peace, and a pilgrim to the country that, over two thousand years

Pope Francis sends video message ahead of Egypt visit

Photo: Radio Vaticana

ago, gave refuge and hospitality to the Holy Family as they fled the threats of King Herod." The pope thanked those who invit- ed him, including the president of the republic, Patriarch Tawadros II, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, and the Coptic-Catholic Patriarch, as well as all those people preparing for his arrival. He said he would like his visit to "be a witness of my affection, comfort and encouragement for all the Christians of the Middle East." He called his interreligious and ecu- menical visit "a message of friendship and respect for all the inhabitants of Egypt and the region, and a message of brotherhood and reconciliation with all the children of Abraham, particular- ly the Muslim world, in which Egypt holds so important a place." Speaking about recent "blind vio- lence" in the country, Pope Francis said, Our world needs peace, love and mer- cy. It needs peacemakers, people who are free and who set others free, men and women of courage who can learn

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