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Culp: A Season of Mysteries

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Holy Week in the Diocese

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The Bi-Weekly Publication of The Catholic Diocese of Lexington

T.F. Shaughnessy


LEXINGTON. Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv., blessed the holy oils and consecrat- ed the Sacred Chrism for use in parishes across the diocese, during the annual Chrism Mass, Tuesday, March 27, in the Cathedral of Christ the King, Lexington. The priests of the diocese also renewed their commit-

Bishop blesses the holy oils in annual Chrism Mass liturgy

Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv., breathes the Holy Spirit on the Sacred Chrism to be used in liturgies throughout the year. CR photo: T.F. Shaughnessy

ment to ministerial priestly ser- vice, during the Mass. About 700 priests, deacons, men and women religious, and lay persons participated in the Mass. The bishop blessed the Oil of Catechumens (for use in baptisms), the Oil of the Sick (for use in the Anointing of the Sick), and the Sacred Chrism (for use in baptisms, confir- mations, ordinations, and the consecration of churches and altars). Chrism is a mixture of olive oil and fragrant balsam. The oils were distributed to representatives of each of the diocese's parishes and hospitals for use during the coming year. Anointing with oil, and in a special way with Sacred Chrism, is an ancient sign of both heal- ing and of being set apart for special purpose, as in the Sac- raments of Baptism, Confirma- tion, and Holy Orders. In his homily, Bishop Stowe noted the nameless woman in the Gospel who anointed Je- sus, as an "extravagance for one who loved extravagantly." We celebrate our share in the ministry of the anointed

Linda Harvey


LEXINGTON. The Diocese of Lexing- ton recognized the 30th jubilee of its founding on March 2, 2018. It was es- tablished on March 2, 1988, by Pope St. John Paul II. We give thanks to God as our Dio- cese of Lexington completes its thirtieth year," proclaimed Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv., who also is nearing the third anniversary of his ordination and installation as the third bishop of the Lexington diocese on May 5. We are grateful that St. John Paul

Diocese's founding remembered in Mass marking 30th jubilee

The Papal Decree establishing our diocese. CR photo: Skip Olson

II established our local church on this date in 1988. In addition, we are grate- ful that the Diocese of Covington and the Archdiocese of Lou- isville for planting the seeds and nourishing the faithful of our 50 coun- ties, when our diocese was born." Appointed by Pope Francis, Bishop John Stowe was installed on May 5, 2015. Before Bish- op Stowe, the second bishop was Bishop Ronald W. Gainer who served the diocese for 11 years from February 22, 2003, to January 24, 2014, when he was appointed and installed as the eleventh Bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA, on March 19, 2014. As the diocese recalled its found- ing, Bishop J. Kendrick Williams was named the First Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington, installed on March 2, 1988. He served until June, 2002. He had served in the Archdiocese of Lou- isville and was Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Covington, under Bishop William Hughes (Eighth Bishop of Covington, 1979-1995). In addition to Bishop Williams, the Diocese of Lexington was also the vision of Bishop Hughes, Archbishop Kelly,

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