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Culp: "And Who Is My Neighbor?"

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Spotlight on Schools: Holy Family

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Father Theodore (Ted) Anthony Keller, 93, died March 18, at St. Joseph Hospital, Lexington, following an extend- ed illness. With 70 years in min- istry, he was the diocese's longest ordained priest. Visitation was at St. Peter Church, downtown Lexington, Tuesday, March 21, 6-8 p.m., with prayer at 7:30 p.m. Visi- tation continued Wednesday morning, 10-11 a.m., prior to the funeral Mass. Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv., celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial, beginning at 11 a.m., March 22, in St. Peter Church.

Father Theodore Anthony Keller, 93, dies; was diocese's longest ordained priest

Fr. Ted Keller celebrating his 93rd birthday last month. Photo: Bill Wakefield

Fr. Keller retired from active ministry in 1994 and lived in residence at St. Peter Church in Lexington. He enjoyed using his retirement years in reading and studying and was active provid- ing sacramental ministry for fel- low priests who were on vacation. Father Keller was ordained to the sub-diaconate at St. Peter Church, Lexington, on Septem- ber 21 1946 by Bishop William T. Mulloy, and to the transi- tional diaconate at the Bishop's Chapel on October 7, 1946, by Bishop Mulloy. On October 20, 1946, Fa- ther Keller was ordained a priest by Bishop Mulloy at St. Peter Church in Lexington. Fr. Keller served four parish- es, during his years of ministry: Holy Cross in Latonia; Good Shepherd, Frankfort; St. Joseph, Winchester; Holy Family, Ash- land, where he spent his longest tenure, and then returned to Frankfort as pastor. He served as high school teacher for 25 years in four high schools in the Cov- ington diocese and as dean of the Ashland Deanery from 1968 to 1974. Fr. Keller was born in Lex- ington on February 28, 1924, to Theodore A. and Gertrude Tyr- rell Keller. He was a member of St. Peter Church and attended school there and at Lexington Latin School. He attended St. Meinrad Seminary, St. Meinrad, IN, in 1939 where he studied philosophy and studied theology In January, the Diocesan Pastoral Plan- ning Committee received input from all parishes and missions of the Diocese around three questions: "How are we do- ing?" "What are our strengths and chal- lenges?" "Who do we want to become?" Preliminary analysis of the parish re- sponses took place at deanery meetings and the Pastoral Planning Committee hopes to keep everyone apprised of the ongoing planning process with periodic updates through Cross Roads . This ini-

Diocesan pastoral planning update

The diocesan pastoral planning committee at Our Lady of the Mountains, Stanton, Feb. 23. Photo: Doug Culp

tial report reveals the collective Strengths and Challenges" in parishes and missions across the diocese. Our next committee task will be to more closely ex- amine the hopes for the diocese expressed at the deanery meetings as well as other data and to draft strategic priorities and gdoals. The committee welcomes your email feedback and questions regarding the ongoing planning process via pastoralplanning@cdlex.org. If one defines "Church" as "community in mission," then life in our parishes can be divided into activities of "Communi- ty" and activities of "Mission." Parishes reported strengths in six areas under the broader heading of "Community": Prayer and worship, the heart of the church; Forming disciples; Hospitality; Community; Ministerial leadership, and; Stewardship.

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