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Culp: Tending The Garden

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Spotlight on Schools: Good Shep

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Nancy Gall-Clayton

This article originally appeared in the March/ April 2017 issue of The Dramatist. Reprinted by permission of the Dramatists Guild. HARRODSBURG . I'm always thrilled to find Kentuckians who have joined the Guild on Facebook, so I can welcome them and invite them to join our Dramatists Guild-Kentucky Facebook page. Imagine my surprise upon discovering that one of our newest mem- bers, Albert Joseph DeGiacomo, is a Roman Catholic priest. Father Al, as he is now known, may be the only dramatist-cleric among our 7,000 members. We met in Harrodsburg, where he serves as pastor of St. Andrew

Father Al DeGiacomo: Priest and playwright

Father Al is pastor of St. Andrew in Harrods- burg. Photo provided

Catholic Church. Born in Cambridge, MA, he remembers the exact day his father took him and his mother to see "The Music Man," at the Shu- bert Theatre in Boston. Albert was ten years old and "mesmerized." His father continued to take his son to the theatre and to share stories about celebrities like Robert Preston, Rex Harrison, and Yul Brynner, who dined at Locke-Ober, the five- star Boston restaurant where Albert's father worked as "dean of waiters" for 50 years. Despite seeing many successful artists, Albert's father made sure his son understood that making a living in the theatre is not as- sured. Even Irving Berlin "shook like a leaf" before the premiere of "Call Me Madam," in its pre-Broadway tryout, Albert's father told him, motivating his son to become a teacher. He earned a doctorate in drama from Tufts University in 1993, specializing in Irish dramatic literature and theatre histo- ry. Syracuse University Press published his doctoral thesis as "T.C. Murray, Dramatist, Voice of Rural Ireland." After completing his work at Tufts, Dr. DeGiacomo accepted a position at Mount Aloysius College in Cresson, PA, where he scheduled a production of "Edith Stein," Arthur Giron's play memorializing a Jewish philosopher (1881-1942) who, after becom- ing Catholic, joined a Carmelite nunnery and was murdered at Auschwitz. Hoping to

T.F. Shaughnessy



Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv. received 193 cat- echumens and candidates from 30 of the diocese's 62 parishes and missions, during the annu- al Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion March 5 in the Cathedral of Christ the King, Lexington. Of that group, 97 were cat- echumens and 96 were candi- dates. A catechumen is a person

Catechumens accepted as the Elect; candidates called to continuing conversion

The catechumens stand to present themselves to the Bishop and the assembly. CR photo: Cindy Olson

who has never been baptized and seeks to enter the Catho- lic Church through the Sacra- ments of Initiation-baptism, confirmation, and First Com- munion. During the rite, the bishop admits the catechumens as "the elect," and they enter their names in the Book of the Elect. A candidate is a person who

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