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Culp: A Father's Mercy

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Life in the Diocese during Lent

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The Bi-Weekly Publication of The Catholic Diocese of Lexington

Ruby Thomas

Record Staff Writer

This report first appeared in the February 22, 2018, edition of The Record, newspaper of the Archdi- ocese of Louisville. It is reprinted with permission. FRANKFORT. Scholarship tax credits, workplace protections for mothers, and the death penalty were three key issues discussed at the Catholics @ the Capitol event February 13.

Kentucky Catholics gathered in Frankfort to meet with lawmakers and learn about the church's position on issues facing state legislators. Photo: The Record/Fr. Patrick Delahanty

C@C 2018: Sanctity of life, education on the agenda

The annual event, which took place at the Capital Plaza Hotel and the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort, aimed to help Catho- lics learn about issues important to the church and visit lawmakers. It was sponsored by the Cath- olic Conference of Kentucky (CCK), the public policy voice of the Kentucky bishops. Bishop John Stowe of the Di- ocese of Lexington delivered the opening remarks. He thanked participants, saying their presence was "a beautiful expression of put- ting our faith into action and rec- ognizing that we have something to contribute to the common good in the Commonwealth of Kentucky." The church is not partisan, noted Bishop Stowe. "Our church tries to transcend those issues that divide humanity. We take sides on issues based on our Scrip- ture, our tradition, our moral way of living and what we think is good for all the inhab- itants of our state." That's why the church has been consistent about the sanctity of human life, especially the most vulnerable forms of human life," the bishop said. He pointed out legislation aiming to protect preg- nant mothers in the workforce and end the death penalty. We also have been convicted for a long time that the forma- tion of young people is critical to the life of the church and we've

T.F. Shaughnessy


LEXINGTON. A painting by a young artist who has been honored by the Vatican and called an "artistic genius" and child prodigy" in a spe- cial program produced by The Discovery Chan- nel has been loaned to the Diocese of Lexing- ton for display and con- templation in the chapel

Painting by 'child prodigy' artist on loan to chancery chapel

Face of Jesus portrait-mixed media.

of the chancery offices. The portrait of the face of Jesus in gold and brown hues was created by Autumn de Forest, 17, of Las Vegas, NV. She began painting at the age of five. When she was seven, she wanted to show her art, and her parents Douglas de Forest, a musician and composer, and Kath- erine Olsen de Forest, rented a space at the 2009 Boulder City Fine Arts Festival. Autumn de Forest received an honorable mention. The fol- lowing month, she won best of show for another arts show. When she was eight, de Forest sold over $100,000 in paintings at an auction in February, 2010. One of the paintings sold for $25,000. After the event, the Discov- ery Health Channel featured de Forest in a television special about child geniuses. In November, 2015, the then-14 year old artist was awarded the Guiseppe Sci- acca Award for Painting and Art by the Vatican. The award was founded in 2001 for service to art and society. The award is named for a young architecture student who was noted during his short life for his social concern. I have always wanted to change the world for the better with my art, and if my paintings can help other young people express themselves, by providing money for musical instruments, arts education, or to help supply arts materials, that it just incredible. That is just an incredible honor," de Forest said in Italian in her ac- ceptance remarks. She presented some of her religiously

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